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Frequently Asked Questions

Q​: Explain the tryout procedure for EVBA.

A: Edina residents in 4th-8th grades attending Edina public and private schools can tryout. Tryouts will be held for 10s, 12’s, 13’s and 14’s on a Saturday in early-November.  To ensure all players get a fair evaluation, teams will be chosen on the tryout date. Registration for tryouts and the season should be completed online prior to the tryout date. There is a $25 tryout fee. We prefer pre-registration for tryouts, but will allow walk-ins the day of for a fee of $35. Note the tryout fee is non-refundable. See season fee question below.


Q: When is there an opportunity for players to hone their skills before tryouts?

A: EVBA offers a fall clinic to players that are interested in working on skills and team play. EVBA coaches will run the clinics in October. See the Fall Clinic section for details. Register early as numbers will be limited!

Q: How will players know if they make a team?

A: Players will be evaluated at tryouts by EVBA coaches. The coaches will discuss the status of each player and select those who have the ability to make contributions to their respective teams. Younger players may be moved up an age group if they are skilled enough. There may be a case where a team can be formed by combining age groups, as well. For example 13U and 14U players can be combined to make a 14U team. Players can check the club website if they made a team shortly after tryouts. Players not selected can still participate in volleyball on other area JO clubs or in the EGAA house league.


Q: When does the season begin and end? 

A: Practice starts the first week of December, and the competition season begins shortly after the New Year, with the season ending by Edina's spring break. A practice and playing calendar will be published after teams have been formed.

Q: How many practices per week? 

A: Practices will be held twice a week at sites to be determined. We are working to be sure there are facilities close to us in Edina for practices, within a fifteen minute drive from the high school. Practices will run for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Attendance at practice is required, and can impact playing time.


Q: What is the cost of the program? 

A: 13U and up = $875

Fee includes:

Gym Rental (1 ½ – 2 hour practice, 2x a week)

Tournament Entry (5-6 half day power leagues, 2-day President Day Festival Tournament and EVBA tournament)

NCR/USAV Membership Fees


Coaching Fees (Head Coach and Assistant Coach)

Apparel Item

11U and 12U = $500, 10U = $400

Fee Includes:

Gym Rental (1- 1 ½ hour practice, 2x per week)

Tournament Entry (5-6 short version power league dates and EVBA tournament)

NCR/USAV Membership Fees


Coaching Fees (Head Coach Only)

Apparel Item

**Note** Players must register and pay online for both the tryout and the season. Players walking in to tryouts will be asked to pay $35 tryout fee plus the season fee.


Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: A player may decline their roster placement up to 24 hours after rosters have been posted and receive a partial season fee refund. The player/parent must send their request to and EVBA will keep $50 for administration costs. No refunds will be offered 24 hours after the roster has been posted. No refunds are given for tryouts, fall clinics or summer camp. 

Players not selected to a roster at tryouts will automatically receive a refund. 

Q: Do you offer payment plans and/or financial aid?

A: A payment plan will be offered through registration for 13U and 14U teams. Late payments can result in loss of playing time, loss of roster spot, or collections. Payment plans for 12U and under teams are case by case and parents can apply using the form in the scholarship section under the EVBA tab.

Q: How many players on each team? 

A: 9-12 players per team.

Q: Which age group will my daughter be playing in? 

A: Age group depends upon birth date and/or grade. Refer to the chart for which team your daughter would qualify for based on her age. We can also place players on the same team based on grade.

Age Group

Born on or after


14 and under

September 1, 2001


13 and under

September 1, 2002


12 and under

September 1, 2003


11 and under

September 1, 2003


10 and under

September 1, 2003



Q: How many coaches per team? 

A: One paid head coach and assistant coach for 13U and up teams and 1 paid head coach for 12U and under teams. We are looking for parents, college students, and community members with volleyball playing or coaching experience and would like to serve in these capacities. If you know of such people, let a member of the EVBA Board know! All coaches have a background check completed.


Q: How often/how many competitions are there? 

A: Up to twice a month; up to 7 competition dates will be played. Competition dates will be a mix of full day tournaments (1-2 per team) and Power League playdates (5-6 per team). 12U and under teams will play in Power League Short Version and this is usually 3 hours. 13U and 14U will play Power League Full Version and this is 6 hours. 


Q: Can a player play in school sports and other athletic club sports?

A: Yes, school sports always have a priority over EVBA events and the other athletic clubs. Players can also play in other club sports. With enough notice, coaches of all activities should be able to work around scheduling conflicts. EVBA coaches will work with players, parents and other coaches to ensure that fairness is achieved for all involved.

Q: Are the competitions local or out of town/state? 

A: In general, competition will be within the metro area. We do our best during scheduling to keep all EVBA teams within the metro area.

Q: What is the club's philosophy? 

A: Edina Volleyball Association believes in promoting the sport of volleyball, and promoting life skills through the sport of volleyball.

Among the many life skills learned through sports, and in participating with our club, are learning the values of prioritizing schedules, working together toward common goals, working hard for group and individual success, along with respect, honesty, and integrity toward others and themselves. 

Participation in Junior Olympic volleyball requires a high level of commitment of time, body, and mind. We believe that this commitment has its place among priorities. Family, faith, and school (including school sports) come first, followed by volleyball. Players and parents will be expected to make every effort to schedule their priorities so that they avoid as much conflict with their volleyball practice and playing commitment as possible.